Saturday, February 26, 2011

First girly post (more coming soon)

C. had warned me: "Never ever go for a guy who just had a long term relationship".

So, we have friends and they are supposedly here to give us advice, which they do, but we don't listen to them, do we?

Three years ago my friends warned me: "Don't date this guy, he's dangerous". I dated him.

Two months ago my friends warned me: "Don't date this guy, he's on the rebound". I dated him.

Yes, I know they were right. I actually knew right from the start that number one was dangerous and that number 2 was on the rebound. However, and sadly enough, I have to test, to see for myself and to get hurt to understand that I can't tame a dangerous and manipulative man and that I can't make a man on the rebound fall madly in love with me and tell me I'm the love of his life.

Well, friends give advice and we don't listen, but they listen when we say we should have listened to their advice.


I like my Mocha with cream on top

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