Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I am a working girl

Hum, not really, but soon I hope... This afternoon I went to Old Street for an interview with a "forecasting company". I got this interview thanks to C. who put me in contact with a recruitement agency last week. They had thought of a possible job for her. However, C. having decided to go back to Stockholm a few months ago (leaving me feeling ever so lonely:  "come back to me" C.!) said she wasn't interested but that her good old friend E. still in funky London town might be. So, here I was being interviewed by a nice Scottish man when he suddenly asked: "Do you watch TV?". I answered "Yes...", but the truth is I don't have a TV here in London so...well, I don't watch any really! Anyway, he then asked if I watched Mad Men... (Yes, interesting interview). I triumphally replied that I did. Indeed, these days you just need Sidereel on a computer to live happily ever after. He was wondering what I thought of Don Draper's wife, what she represented and all. I just said that she represented the white middle class female of the sixties. The oppressed wife who listens and obeys to every single desire/order her cold husband has and takes care of the kids. (I was not convinced of my own "analysis"...not very deep!) He said that she represented the "good gone bad" blablabla... This just made me realize, that C., bigger Mad Men fan than me, would have totally excelled at this interview. Moral of the story: C. should come back to London, plenty of perfect jobs for her here.


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